Send me your script to !
I’m always happy to read fresh scripts, so feel free to email the first 10 pages of a feature
length project you’re working on and I’ll give you my feedback - free of charge!
If you find my feedback useful, I will then provide you with full script coverage where I’ll talk
in detail about all the dramatic components of your script, such as the dramatic idea, story
structure, characterisation, writing style and give you my opinion about the project’s
I’ll prepare a written script report for you and set up a 60 - 90 minute call to have a long
chat about it and answer any questions you may have. Once you then go away and do some
redrafting, you can send me the latest draft and we can schedule a short 20 - 30 minute call.
My turnaround is up to 14 days.
I charge 
£120.00 per feature film or theatre script 
£100.00 per feature TV screenplay  
£150.00 if you want feedback on the script and one more document, such as synopsis, pitch and/or bible etc.
Looking forward to reading your work!

£120.00 Film or Theatre 

£100.00 TV Screenplay

£150.00 Script + 1 doc

'Dimitra really helped me by giving feedback on my theatre script. She went into so much detail, was very critical while also being supportive and really offered me ways of moving forward which is so useful when you feel a bit stuck with a script. Thank you so much Dimitra!'  

Sophie Huggins

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'Dimitra gave me great feedback on a theatre script. Her feedback was insightful and detailed, not only giving feedback on story and character, but also feedback on the marketability of the script and how to take it further forward. I found this feedback incredibly useful, as it not only encouraged me to continue writing but also gave me aspects of my script to work on and think about.'

Juliette Risingham

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'Dimitra gave me feedback for my tv series pilot and I found it very useful because she touched on all aspects of the script, gave me helpful suggestions and pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend her services.'

Jennifer James

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