''There's something rather poetic in Miss Barla's writing style, which is reflected in her calmly and unassumingly captivating performance'' Act Drop for The Cloakroom Attendant

''A heartfelt video about domestic abuse reminds us that domestic violence isn't a one-time only, never going to happen again, incident'' Ladylike for the domestic abuse awareness video Your Story



''SOLO is ethereal, magnetic and perfectly judged'' Views from the Gods for SOLO



''Dimitra Barla knows how to captivate the audience's attention'' Kathimerini newspaper (GR) for Medusa the Lady in the Mirror



''Greece's own Dimitra Barla is making a huge impact on the entertainment industry with her inspirational work as an actress and director!' Interview at Writer's cafe



''A dazzling display of talent and charisma. Dimitra is a tour de force'' Arthur's Seat  

for The Cloakroom Attendant



''Keep the faith. Keep working. Eat healthy. Do yoga. Swim. Do your warm-ups. Don’t let people convince you that you’re not the norm. Dream but also plan. Read other artists' biographies, they will empower you! Keep the faith!'' Interview at  Real TV Films



''A charming memoir of the working every(wo)man... sweet and whimsical''

The Spy in The Stalls for The Cloakroom Attendant



''Endearing and wonderfully expressive. Barla is a charismatic performer and

a talented actress'' North West End for The Cloakroom Attendant



''Dimitra is clearly a very impressive woman, and she is really just getting started.'' Interview at Vintage Media  

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