Real isn’t how you made, said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long time,

then you become real.’ ‘Does it hurt?’, asked the Rabbit.‘

Sometimes, said the Skin Horse.’ When you are Real,

you don’t mind being hurt.  And once you become Real,

you can’t become Unreal again

Boy meets girl. Phil meets Nina. And they roll the dice.

From the hot skyline of Athens to the rainy streets of London, they struggle to put together the fragments of their life, while fighting their demons and Phil’s drug addiction. They lose themselves in a rollercoaster of emotions, but gain a new vision of the world through the purifying  experience of love.

We live in sad times of migration, austerity and war; but we also live in times of reflection, where what really matters shines crystal-clear. What Nina and Phil share is that immigrants are not only defined by their migration status, just as drug addicts are not only defined by their addiction.  They are much more than that.
The film is currently in development. A test version of one scene was shot in March 2016. The scene was screened at the Brighton Greeks Festival in October 2016.
Dimitra Barla trained at East 15 Acting School in London and Embros Drama School in Athens. She has written the theatre monologue The cloakroom attendant (Canal Café Theatre, 2017), and she has performed the shows SOLO (Vault festival 2014 and Eleusis festival 2013), Medusa the lady in the mirror (Athens January 2012 and Acreide, 2011) and Tales of female madness (Athens May 2012). All plays received four star reviews. Dimitra holds lead parts in the UK feature film ‘I love London’ and the awarded Greek film ‘The cypress deep down’. 
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Previous works

SOLO is a site-specific contemporary dance theatre piece exploring love and loss. Based on the poetry of American poet Emily Dickinson and its connection to the work of Greek romantic poet Maria Polydouri, it combines spoken poetry, live music, contemporary dance and art installation. The story follows a woman’s life as a metaphoric route through a labyrinth. She goes through a transformative process: from the innocent love of adolescence to the carnal love of maturity. SOLO was devised for, and premiered in July 2013 in an abandoned oil refinery in Athens. It was then performed in London at the Vault Theatre Festival 2014. Created and performed by Dimitra.

Reviewed by Views from the Gods.

MEDUSA - The lady in the mirror Life lived in a dead sterile garden of stone, frozen images, no movement of soul – all is a world of stone. Daily life, the life of the city, life in the city where every stranger is turned to stone. For Medusa-in- contemporary culture the City is the world of stone where every stranger we meet on the street is murdered by indifferent eyes, by fear of the diseased other, by the absence of love. And if the gods were internalized, what of these ancient monsters? Did they not also dwell within? The play was first performed at Booze Cooperativa Theatre (Athens, January 2012), followed by a tour in the cities of Patras and Rethymnon. Written and directed by Richard Nieoczym, created and performed by Dimitra. Reviewed by Kathimerini newspaper.